Stop Smoking

Most people who come to me arrive having tried virtually every other method available. Since the respected publication ‘New Scientist’ (vol 136 issue 1845) reported that statistically hypnosis was shown to be the most effective way to stop smoking, it is surprising that hypnotherapy is still often used as the last resort (my results are infinitely better than any of the NHS programmes currently being offered!). You must want to stop smoking for the therapy to be effective. If there is pressure from others for you to stop, but you don’t want to, then please call me when you feel ready. Most people who smoke would love to quit but they worry about the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They also believe that it’s going to be really difficult. My technique ensures that after just one session using psychology, suggestion therapy and hypnosis, people stop and never want another fag again!

The main reason why you will find it so easy to stop smoking when you come to see me is because I free you from the belief that you are addicted to nicotine. I will prove to you that you are not addicted at all. I will also prove to you that one of the main reasons why you have not been able to stop smoking in the past is simply because it hasn’t been worth it as you weren’t getting any immediate and tangible benefits. The reason why hypnosis and hypnotherapy have proven to be so successful for smoking cessation is because you receive immediate rewards for your efforts – it’s totally worth it!

Most of my clients are recommendations because my technique is so successful. As long as you are truly committed to stopping smoking, you will find the therapy I use will allow you to easily and effortlessly break the smoking habit once and for all.

If you are ready now to kick the habit and stop smoking easily either:

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