About Me

Early in my life, I’ve witnessed family, friends and associates suppress pain and suffering because the many interventions attempted were slow and arduous. I thought, “There has to be other options, something healthier that will actually work.” Through extensive studies on Meridian Energy Therapies and Hypnotherapy, other research and my own personal journey, I have witnessed these techniques to be the most rapid, temperate and effective methods of restoring natural health and well being that I have ever known. Its use can and has successfully treated such issues as depression, anxiety, grief, anger issues as well as many illnesses and phobias.

However, those are just to name a few. Our healing possibilities are infinite. Many unique and unusual issues can be addressed. Meridian Energy Therapy is a healing alternative that often works when nothing else will and is the very reason it has become the centerpiece of my practice.

My passion is to make a difference in the lives of others. I enjoy the privilege of assisting people in positively transforming their lives, helping people dramatically reduce or eliminating themselves of phobias, fears, dealing with physical pain and illnesses, as well as helping individuals improve their finances, to maximise their lives to their fullest potential. It is an enriching experience that keeps me dedicated to my work and enjoying the challenges that help me grow, personally and professionally.

I have extensive experience in anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, relationship issues and improving finances.

I have also helped many clients with migraines, ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and arthritis aswell as other physical symptoms.

I am a qualified Meridian Energy Therapist and Clinical Hypnosis with Psychotherapy, as well as a certified Counsellor. I am also a natural healer and a Transformational Life Coach.

I constantly update my skills through courses and workshops and always on the lookout for more advanced techniques and therapies to speed up the healing process.