I went to see Vasos just to experience what it is he does, so I could refer him to friends and colleagues. So imagine my surprise when in just two sessions with him a nagging thought process I could not seem to shake virtually disappeared, and I suddenly found myself feeling calm, peaceful and focused, so much so that I began work on something I had been putting off for years, as I suddenly felt both the energy and the clarity to do it. And to top if off, just two days after the final session I had someone suddenly pay me for something I had not expected to be paid for, totally out of the blue. Coincidence or direct result I cannot say for sure, but I know I can say for sure that if you are struggling with nagging repetitive thoughts, anxiety, fear or depression, or simply feeling vague and unclear and need clarity and focus, go and see Vasos and I am certain you will be as amazed and grateful at the result as I am

Vincent J Kellsey; Speaker, Trainer, Coach
Founder of Quantum Success Group and author of Golden Dragon, The 8 Secrets.


Vasos is a great healer and coach. I came to him for a couple of sessions to heal my lower back as I was having severe pain when playing tennis. I was also diagnosed with Sciatica from the doctors. After a couple of sessions with him, with reiki, combined with counselling which enabled me to get to root of the psychological issues which attributed to the pain, I no longer have this pain! He has made me a 60 years old man feel like 25 again!

Vladimir, Florida USA


Hi Vasos, just emailing to let you know since I saw you last year, my hay fever has completely disappeared. One of my colleagues asked me yesterday how my hay fever was, and I actually forgot that I had it! Hence I remembered you which prompted me to write to you. Not only has my hay fever gone, my shoulder is much better and I am feeling more empowered as a person. Thanks a lot Vas for your help guidance and support. I’m actually amazed how your method and techniques have helped unveil the negatives in my life.

Michaela, Neasden


I gave birth to a lovely healthy boy Alexi. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help. The session I had with you plus your positive advice, as well as with my IVF treatments I could not ask for anything more. The session I had with you enhanced the outcome of the IVF treatment. Through your work you made me realize that my work was holding me back and was an excuse for not embracing my feminine nurturing side. This huge change has enabled me to leave my job and become a full time happy mother. I cannot thank you enough for helping me see the light and bring so much happiness into my life.

Alex, Southgate


Highly recommend Coach Vasos!! From someone who was going through a midlife crisis in February 2020, with zero idea of what life coaching process is about, to becoming one myself is a full testament to Vasos and the Metamorphosis program. I was at a point where my career and achievements lost its glimmer and my priorities all over the place. I took the leap and Vasos’ keen sense of my ‘inner game’ unblocked limits and unlocked potential I never thought was there. He was direct and pragmatic in what I needed to overcome as well as help me keep stress levels at bay with his expertise in hypnotherapy, and NLP/EFT. I still have a few sessions left with Vasos whilst I already feel transformed with renewed passion and greater purpose.

If you’re considering it, my best advice is — DON’T. JUST DO IT. In full confidence with Coach Vas. Cheers

Coach Joseph, Philippines


Thank you very much for lighting up my dark path, for opening wide my eyes, for telling wise things i needed to hear, for simply making me a happier human being!

From the first session when you released my past traumatic experiences from the past which I have been holding onto for many years, and with your fast and effective techniques, I could already feel better. Over the next sessions I came to the realisations what the root cause of my actions were, how to handle stressful situations, and how to prevent them as well as how to deal with life. Also, your EFT technique was amazing. It regulated my breathing and immediately calmed me down. But it was not only during sessions, the tasks you set to do in between slowly turned from a homework into a daily routine of feeling happy

It improved my relationships with my family, friends, and people around me. I learnt to appreciate what is given to me and stay positive, to believe that new better things are coming my way. I learnt the way my mind works and that it is all in my hands to feel bad or to feel good, and knowing I can change my emotions anytime.

You also taught me how to take control of my own life and feelings. I learnt that God does not make junk, and it is absolutely up to me what to do with what I was given with. You guided me in learning to forgive and to let go. Your approach of not fixating too much on the past, but to focus on now, thus shaping the future is what I found most helpful during sessions. You made me set my goals, and achieve them day by day, step by step.

I am so grateful to the universe for bringing you into my life at the right place at the right time. My days now are meaningful and my life now is so peaceful! I wish you all the best in your life, you have a great gift of helping people and making them better!!

Malika, Brunei


I was referred by one of my colleagues to see Vasos due to being stressed all the time. I went to have a hypnosis relaxation session, and I just want to say how relaxing his voice is. By the end of the hypnosis session I felt like I had a full body massage! All tension and stress gone. As he travels quite a bit aswell, I was relieved to know that he also does it on skype and on the phone, so whenever I feel I need to de-stress, he is my go-to man.

Jonathan, London


This guy is a genius, so comfortable to talk to and non-judgemental. One of my dear friends recommended that I go to see Vasos, as my business was struggling to the point it kept me awake all night. After just two hours of coaching and EFT with Hypnotherapy, my income increased! Also, my stress levels have dramatically reduced. What I love about Vasos’s coaching programs is that I can do it on skype, which suits me due to my busy schedule. I’m looking forward to the next installment! Keep doing what you are doing Vasos, you are an inspiration.

Anna, Hong Kong


I initially met Vasos for a consultation and from there, upon learning the issues that i have – mainly my chronic anxiety and migraines, he advised me to take up life coaching sessions with him. I have already made really small improvements throughout the past couple of years, however just within a 10-hour coaching session with him, I have seen tremendous improvement, particularly in understanding that I don’t let my anxiety control me, instead I am able able to control my anxiety. Vasos has made the sessions extremely easy-going, yet being able to push me in certain areas without making me feel uncomfortable in any way. He’s also a genuine and caring individual, which makes the sessions even more worth it. Highly recommended!

Singh, India


If you want to move up the ladder in life, Vasos is the one to go to. He changed my life. He was recommended to me by a friend that wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing he made her feel in just one meeting. In that moment, I was drawn to see him. At that time, I was at the lowest point of my life with a downturn in my career and failed loved relationship. And he changed my life with just a snap of a finger that everything around me started to be just the way I wanted it to be with his advice as well as his methods of coaching. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone that wants to climb up the ladder and most importantly be happy. Truly blessed that our paths crossed in this one and only life. He is an asset to keep!

Zee, Malaysia


Vasos has made a significant impact towards my life in the shortest possible time. He has helped me to manage my worries, fears and overcome not feeling beautiful. He has also helped me in understanding my intimate feelings towards my partner. I like his practical approach, giving me good guidance while getting to the root cause of a situation. When I first met him, I felt like sometimes life was not worth living and like I am the only one facing these problems. Today I can honestly say that he has made huge impact towards my life by taking me through the process at my own pace and comfort. The balance in his approach allows you to realize that all our fears and worries can be controlled by your own mind. You are truly a wonderful therapist. Thank you so much Vasos!

T, London


I was lost at one point in my life and surrounded by many events that really made me more confused about Life and on what to do in my life aswell, including my faith in my religion. Series of unfortunate events such as death in family, unemployment and various other events, really made me feel clueless on what to do next. Then I was recommended Vasos by a good friend of mine He is a wonderful person who is really an inspiring man, a person that you can really talk to and trust your life with. He definitely is the most comfortable person that I was finally able to open up to and share my biggest dreams and desires – to start my own business. With series of EFT and Hypnotherapy and life coaching skills, I now know what to do as my mind is clear in seeing and envisioning my goals. Then I finally decided to participate Vasos’ Motivational Coaching to guide me on how to achieve my goals and targets for my business, as well as being my guide as my emotional mentor on how to see Life in a more positive way and what to believe in, and to avoid procrastination and other negative elements that sometimes cloud my emotions and judgements. I am now a proud founder of my own brand, and I cannot thank Vasos enough for his persistent encouragement and mentoring in order for me to achieve what I thought was impossible. Nothing is impossible. Thank you Vasos! You are amazing

M.A.R,  Abu Dhabi


I apologise for not sending you this earlier, I have been busy drinking champagne and living a full and happy life. Amazing isn’t it I remember my first session with you. I am testament to the fact that you do not have to believe in a therapy for it to work. I entered my first session with you as my therapist and healer full or inner laughter and an open heart. You soon put me at perfect ease and within just three or four sessions I was incredibly a major down my road to recovery. Somehow you brought me to a place where I was ready to release my attachment to my Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and let it go. I felt loved and parented in your sessions and as it started healing so quickly I relished the homework you gave me. EFT and your other healing skills did not just kick my M.E. into touch but helped to dissolve childhood issues and has even given me a strategy that has empowered me to take back the reigns of my career and be a much more level and consistent parent. I have travelled a journey from a life of fatigue, dizziness and pain to laughter, opportunities and wellness. It has not always been easy. There were times when I had to retreat to work through the information you enabled me to tap into from the self I did not know. You were always understanding and welcoming when I was ready to travel further on my journey. I am at present living a vibrant and enjoyable gift of a life. I will take what I have learnt in your sessions and use them throughout my life I am sure. I feel blessed to have met you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving my life back. I feel ten years younger. It’s not just me that thanks you, my children have got their mother back, my parents have their daughter back. Please feel free to give my number to any of your clients and I would be glad to speak to them. I feel to shout from the roof tops I am well after 13 years of M.E.

Thanks once again

Michelle, Crouch End


I met Vasos when I felt my life was just about sorrow, depressing and a little lost. There’s so many things I know I wanted to do and accomplish in life but I had put them all in a box and kept them far far away. But just after my first life coaching session with Vasos, I found myself immediately enrolled into one the things that I had kept in that box – piano lessons :). Right after my third session, I found myself travelling to Brussels, Belgium alone. (Travelling solo is also one of the things I’ve kept in that box). On top of it all, the best outcome I have got from the sessions I’ve had with Vasos is to appreciate and love yourself and your body. I was having so many insecurities about the way I looked, all my life. In fact, I realised this was the major contributor to what was stopping me from doing things I want to do in my life. Now, I look at myself in the mirror differently. I look at everything in a positive way and everything seems beautiful and things are working out the way I wanted them to be. Thanks Vasos!

Sarah, Malaysia


Hi Vasos

If you remember, I came to you for Hypnotherapy about three weeks ago in order to get myself relaxed and to improve my confidence. After one session with you, and subsequent conversations with you, I can feel myself becoming more and more confident in myself. I make decisions at work much quicker and stand up for myself more. I feel that anyone can benefit from having even a single session with you, and I will definitely come back to you regarding any other issues in the future. Thank you for the time you have spent with me. They make small changes in my behaviour but they are making a big difference in my life. All the best.

Sahan, UK/Sri Lanka


Hi Mate,
I really don’t know how you did it, but it’s been eight months now, and I am having no trouble what so ever sleeping! I’m still amazed that you managed to help me all through the phone! Cheers fella,

Rashad, Hampstead


Hi Vasos

I would like to thank you for changing my life because if it wasn’t for you, I would never have taken the first steps in giving up my [drug] habit. I wanted to stop for a long time, but I had no belief that I could.

With time, and your positive therapy and energy, I gradually stopped. I did not even have to attend any rehab. I was very sceptical at first, because I tried so many other ways, but for some reason, I felt very comfortable with you and the fact that you were so understanding and non-judgemental was very important for me, as I already had low self esteem. It’s been now eight months, and you have given me the confidence to try to live my life the best I can. Thank you and God bless

S, West Hampstead


I can’t thank Vasos enough for helping me with my sinuses. I have suffered with my sinus for about 2-3 years, I even had an operation which was unsuccessful. After having a few sessions with Vasos, both in person and over the phone, my problem has now disappeared. He even helped me with some long standing personal issues, which I believe helped with healing my sinuses. I  recommend Vasos to everyone, as I believe he is not only a wonderful therapist, he is also a wonderful person! Thank you!

Raishma, Woodford


My Name is Andreas. I have been a hairdresser for over 20 years.
I had been suffering with RSI which was diagnosed by my GP. After using many treatments such as creams and pills, the RSA would come back again, so I decided to seek a alternative method of treatment. By finding Vasos, I arranged to meet. I thought I was wasting my time but I was wrong.
After just one session of seeing Vasos I was pleasantly shocked. I could almost say it was instant relief. A few days later I could say that the pain had gone. I am convinced that my GP could only help temporarily and I am pleased to find a method of drug free medicine.
I would like to thank Vasos for freeing a pain that I think about no longer

Andreas, Wostershire Park



About a year ago I met Vasos Constantinou and asked him if he could help me with my craving with chocolate… I was a bit sceptical at first I must admit, but the effect was almost instant. I would normally get cravings in the afternoon but it wasn’t for just a little chocolate, I used to overdose on the stuff… Well, it’s been a year now and I can honestly say that I haven’t had a craving since then, I’m not saying that I haven’t touched chocolate since then, but all I need is a little bit and I’m content, not because I crave something sweet, it’s whenever I fancy something sweet and it’s usually about once a month….so I would truly recommend a session with Vasos, it really is worth a go….

Thevra, Limassol (Cyprus)


It was actually a good friend of mine that had recommended Vasos for Emotional Freedom Technique and Hypnotherapy. A lot of people think hypnotherapy is about someone waving a clock in front of your eyes and putting you into a trance or hypnosis and make you run around like a headless chicken like they do on TV. I went to my session with a narrow mind, as I honestly thought it was just another way of people squeezing money out of you, especially after watching hypnotists on TV, and not actually helping you with your issues. Vasos made me feel very relaxed, and we spoke about my panic attacks and anxiety issues and what I was hoping to get from the sessions. I was shocked to find out where my problems had risen and that I had been burying my problems in the back of my mind all these years. The process was difficult at times, as I was facing my past and the fears that came with it. I was happy that I wasn’t doing it alone and Vasos helped me guide through the process.
I would recommend Vasos to anyone who is thinking of doing Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotherapy as a way of treating a problem that they have, as it has helped me relax a lot more and I believe I have become a better person and have a much more positive view on life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Vasos!

A, from London


In December 2013, I had my first Hypnosis session with Vasos. I normally find it very difficult to relax, sit still and let go of the constant worry and chatter in my mind. After a few minutes I felt myself drifting into a deep sense of amazing peace and total relaxation under Vasos’s instructions. I was completely aware of what was going on around me, but my body had never felt this relaxed before and also my consciousness was totally focused on Vasos’s suggestions instead of worrying. My main issues I needed working on were learning to relax and learning to be assertive and confident in situations where I have to assert my boundaries and say NO without feeling guilty or the fear of disappointing another. After my first session I felt completely rested, revived and a beautiful sense of peace and confidence to take control of my life and my fears around guilt and co-dependence. I highly recommend you invest your time with Vasos as he has helped me with my issues enormously. Vasos has a very calming and patient approach to dealing with his clients. Vasos’s skills have been invaluable in helping me to overcome some very challenging problems.

John Currin, Sudbury Town